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As our name implies, we manufacture vessels designed for service at atmospheric pressure up to 10,000 PSIG. Being a custom manufacturer means we accept challenges unique to each project and relish working through them. With each order we learn more about our customers’ needs and translate that learning over into our manufacturing process, reinforcing skills we have honed over decades of service.

Our pressure vessels may range in diameter from 6 inches for pipe to 156 feet for plate. Accordingly vessel thickness may range from ¼ inch up to 3 inches depending on the application.

Our completed products have found homes in places as diverse as Disneyworld and Qatar, to name a few.

Pressure vessels may be our bread and butter but we are proud to offer custom services in other areas. Consider:

  • Piping and Spool Pieces
  • Skid Packages
  • Ladders and Platforms
  • Custom Paint Systems
  • Three D Modeling


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